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Eric Voutaz gewinnt Paris-Dakar by Bike '09

Der Schweizer konnte die dritte Ausgabe des Langstreckenrennens Paris-Dakar by Bike nach 7.214 Kilometer und 59 Etappen für sich entscheiden.

Mit dem Bike auf den Spuren der legendären Rallye Paris-Dakar

Mit dem Bike auf den Spuren der legendären Rallye Paris-Dakar


The endurance bicycle race/expedition “Paris-Dakar by Bike” was a race between two Swiss youngsters Eric Voutaz and David Imboden. Voutaz showed up as the strongest and was 52 minutes ahead after a race of 7.200 kilometer. The podium was completed by Dirk Franckx from Belgium. Female winner was Toos van Beijsterveldt from The Netherlands.

“Paris-Dakar by Bike” is a unique cycling race/expedition which starts at the Eiffel Tower, crosses the Pyrenees, the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara desert. A group of 25 cyclists left Paris at September 6th to finish 10 weeks later at Lac Rose near Dakar. The riders from 14 different countries had most days excellent cycling conditions, but had also to fight hail in Andorra, high temperatures in the Sahara and countless climbs between the French and Senegalese capital.

It was already obvious from the beginning that the best cyclists came from Switzerland. The youngsters Eric Voutaz and David Imboden arrived most stages together first. Many times they were accompanied by some of the other riders, but it were always the Swiss racers which were in camp first. It was the mountainous inland of Spain were Voutaz took the lead of an hour on Imboden. The Swiss bank employee could consolidate his lead on the African continent with the Atlas mountains, the never-ending Sahara and the flat, but hot, conditions in Mauritania and Senegal. Voutaz proved to be the best endurance athlete in the most diverse conditions, mentally as well as physically.

“Paris-Dakar by Bike” is more than a race. The majority of the riders do not compete. They cycle together at their own pace and enjoy the scenery and culture of the European and African continent. The riders ranged in the age from 25 to 65 years. Most of the them managed to cycle every single kilometer and proved that the tour is doable for a wide range of active people.

“Paris-Dakar by Bike” is not organized in 2010, since Bike-Dreams organizes the second edition of “The Andes Trail”, a 11,000 km cycling race/expedition in South America. The fourth edition of Paris-Dakar by Bike is organized from September 4th till November 12th, 2011. Find all information about both expeditions at the website of the organization or mail to

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