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GimondiBike 2012: Juri Ragnoli and Sandra Klomp are the winner

Was a big party for about 1.300 bikers which took part at the international MTB competition in Iseo. The day begins with the best wishes for Felice Gimondi's Happy Birthday.

Winner Juri Ragnoli (Scott Racing Team)

Winner Juri Ragnoli (Scott Racing Team)


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ISEO (BS - ITALY) - The GimondiBike 2012 was a milestone on the way to the next MTB Marathon World Championship that will take place the next weekend at Ornans, in France. And the “azzurro” Juri Ragnoli confirmed his splendid condition by winning the international competition MTB in Iseo (Brescia - Italy). Great performance for the biker of Scott Racing Team that won a race lively and well balanced. Ragnoli has made a difference in the final of the race and has passed French of the TX Active-Bianchi Stephan Tempier, second, then Michele Casagrande (Elettroveneta Corradec), third, the Colombian Leonardo Paez (TX Active-Bianchi), fourth, more detached Daniele Mensi (Scott) fifth, Mirko Celestino (Avion Axevo), sixth and seventh Tony Longo (TX Active-Bianchi), that GimondiBike had won a year ago. In the eighth and ninth Gerhard Kerschbaumer (TX Active-Bianchi) in front of the Colombian Amaya Chia of KTM Sthil Torrevilla team, first and second respectively in the Under 23 category.

Equally exciting challenge for women with success, almost surprisingly, considering the less than ideal ground to its characteristics, Sandra Klomp of KTM Stihl Torrevilla that is passed to the command in the last part of the race beyond the two opponents that are aggressive Elena Gaddoni (FRM Factory Team), second, and Roberta Gasparini (Pedals Brand), third.

Before the start, the tune of "Happy Birthday to You" and the cut of the cake celebrate the Felice Gimondi’s seventieth Happy Birthday.

Classifica Assoluta – GimondiBike 2012
1. Juri Ragnoli (Scott Racing Team) 1:25:28
2. Stephan Tempier (TX Active-Bianchi)
3. Michele Casagrande (Elettroveneta Corradec)
4. Leonardo Paez (TX Active-Bianchi)
5. Daniele Mensi (Scott Racing Team)
6. Mirko Celestino (Avion Axevo MTB Pro Team)
7. Tony Longo (TX Active-Bianchi)
8. Gerhard Kerschbaumer (TX Active-Bianchi)
9. Jaime Yesid Chia Amaya (KTM Stihl Torrevilla)
10. Johannes Schweiggl (Silmax Cannondale Racing Team)

Classifica Femminile – GimondiBike 2012
1. Sandra Klomp (KTM Stihl Torrevilla) 1:45:56
2. Elena Gaddoni (FRM Racing Factory)
3. Roberta Gasparini (Pedali di Marca Team)

Classifica Under 23 – GimondiBike 2012
1. Gerhard Kerschbaumer (TX Active-Bianchi)1:27:11
2. Jaime Yesid Chia Amaya (KTM Stihl Torrevilla)
3. Denny Lupato (FRM Racing Factory)

Classifica Juniores – GimondiBike 2012
1. Denis Fumarola (Giant Team Italia) 1:34:58
2. Federico Barri (TX Active-Bianchi)
3. Cristian Boffelli (TX Active-Bianchi)

Classifica Assoluta Master – GimondiBike 2012
1. Oscar Lazzaroni (WR compositi) 1:28:36 - M3
2. Marco Zappa (WR compositi) - M3
3. Walter Manzoni (WR compositi) - M4

Classifica Prova Speciale Contadi Castaldi 2012 - Maschile
1. Leonardo Paez (TX Active-Bianchi) 5:28
2. Oscar Lazzaroni (WR compositi) 5:28
3. Tony Longo (TX Active-Bianchi) 5:29

Classifica Prova Speciale Contadi Castaldi 2012 - Femminile

1. Roberta Gasparini (Pedali di Marca Team) 7:10
2. Elena Gaddoni (FRM Racing Factory) 7:11
3. Sandra Klomp (KTM Stihl Torrevilla) 7:29

Cronoscalata Madonna del Corno 2012 – Maschile
1. Juri Ragnoli (Scott Racing Team) 6:48
2. Stephen Tempier (TX Active-Bianchi) 7:02
3. Leonardo Paez (TX Active-Bianchi) 7:04

Cronoscalata Madonna del Corno 2012 – Femminile
1. Elena Gaddoni (FRM Racing Factory) 9:40
2. Sandra Klomp (KTM Stihl Torrevilla) 10:00
3. Roberta Gasparini (Pedali di Marca Team) 10:44

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