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The Great Divide 20.8. - 4.10.2013

bikedreams bietet die Durchquerung der Vereinigten Staaten von Nord nach Süd an. Mit dem Mountainbike in 7 Wochen inmitten der Rocky Mountains zwischen Kanada und Mexiko.

Die Route führt entlang der Wasserscheide des nordamerikanischen Kontinents entlang

Die Route führt entlang der Wasserscheide des nordamerikanischen Kontinents entlang



The American cycling Dream: crossing the United States by bicycle. Not from East to West or the other way around, but from North to South. “The Great Divide” is an extremely challenging mountainbike expedition of 4.417 km (2.745 miles) through the heart of the Rocky Mountains between Canada and Mexico.

The route zigzags along the Continental Divide, the geographical line which splits the continent into two parts. Drops of rain that fall on the left side flow into the Atlantic or the Gulf of Mexico. Drops on the right side end up in the Pacific.
The expedition starts August 20th, 2013 in Banff, Canada and finishes October 4th, 2013 at the Mexican border near Antelope Wells.
The route is unpaved for about 75 percent and follows very low trafficked roads through mountain forests, prairie, desert and remote villages. The chance to stand face-to-face with a grizzly or black bear is probably bigger than to be hit by a car.

“The Great Divide” was developed by the Adventure Cycling Association and was published in 1998 as the world’s longest off-pavement cycling route. So far the route has been cycled only by individuals who carried all their own equipment and supplies. This time the organisation takes care of the luggage, arranges the accommodation, prepares the meals and supports the riders on the trail. The organisation set up in the past bicycle expeditions like “Paris-Dakar by Bike” (7.200 km) and “The Andes Trail” (11.000 km) in South America.

National Geographic listed “The Great Divide” as one of the 100 best American adventures. The magazine qualified the ride as “solitude that frays the edges of your brain, and a sense of what the country would look like if wilderness were the rule, not the exception”.

Visit the website www.bike-dreams.com for detailed information.

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