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Le Mans 24h - 1004km covered for the winning team, a record

Last 23 and 24 August, the Le Mans 24 Hours Cycling 6th edition took place on the Bugatti Circuit. Record of kilometers and victory for the Payname Team's after an eventful race.

Payname's team improve the race record- Foto: Le Mans 24h

Payname's team improve the race record- Foto: Le Mans 24h


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2019 riders set off on the Bugatti circuit during the Le Mans 24 Hours Cycling’s 6th edition. After the usual "Matinale" which was attended over 1300 people with family, 462 teams from 14 nationalities took the famous “Le Mans” style departure, given by a special guest, Sylvain Chavanel: "I accepted the invitation to give the start because this race is really great. Besides, I thank the organizers for having me solicited. For me, it's important to see something else." says the French rider of the IAM Cycling Team.

In the race lead, Payname's team composed of Michaël Mazin, Max Massat, Julien Pétilleau and Tristan Chaboche, imposed itself after a nice fight with ten teams. Otherwise, they improve the race record: 1,004 km covered against 975 km in 2011 by Vulco’s Team, or seven more laps.

The gap has been established in the early morning, when Max Massat came out of the leading group, trapping the defending champions, Mondovélo Plouhinec Team, who finished off the podium. Didier Plouze, Mondovélo’s sporting director comments: "Nothing wanted to smile on us, it wasn’t our year, [...] we are a little disappointed, but when I see the former pros who tell me they want to came back next year, it makes me want. » The Essor-Fitnext-Mulbar-DMTEX’s Team (Fabrice Joudioux, Vincent Girardin, Mikaël Craz, Sébastien Serriere, Peter Brouzes, Serge Giorgalla) and the Kyriad’s team (Cyrille Masson, Nicolas Rousseau, Kevin Porcher, Aurélien Dhéruelle) were decided during the sprint and finished respectively 2nd and 3rd in the overall ranking.

The Exploit Assos's Team led by Daniele Nardello, a Tour de France stage's former winner in 1998 for the MAPEI's colors, has also been one of the leaders of this edition and is ranked at the sixth position. Riders, led by former pro Luca Zanasca, had dominated the first hours of the race by taking a lap to his pursuers before receiving a penalty lap after several speeding in the pits. A remarkable first participation for this team who won the Nürburgring 24 hours Cycling and had come in Le Mans to "gain experience and win" testifies their sportive director.

Sébastien Bertholet, Solo Male winner in 2009, reiterates a big performance with 920 km covered in 220 laps and 74th of the overall ranking. For women, and after a painful breakdown in 2013, Sandrine Ferrant wins with 757 km covered in 181 laps. She finished 279th of the overall classification. The first 100 % female team, DGPN SICOP (General direction of the national police), ranks 252nd in the scratch with 783 km and 187 laps. This is the first podium for Christelle Gauzet, Patricia Lossouarn (vice-champion of France Half Marathon in 2010), Anne Kitzerow, Harmonie Courcier, Flore Martinuzzi and Madeleine Dibandi. A great result for the marathoners’ team who discovered bike recently.

Full results: www.ris-timing.be/~circuit/24hvelomans/2014/index.htm.

The French minister and government’s spokesman, Stéphane Le Foll, had also respected the promise made to the LM Iron Cycling's Team and came to run in the Sunday morning.

By seeing the smiles on faces of the participants at the end of a sunny weekend, the appointment seems to be taken for 2015. Registration will open as early as November.

2014 Le Mans 24 Hours Cycling:
- 2014: 2019 registered riders (462 teams) – 1943 in 2013 - 2087 in 2012 - 1748 in 2011 – 1580 in 2010 – 1176 in 2009
- Teams by categories: 80 Soloist (4 Women), 38 Duo (8 Mixed), 147 teams of 4 riders (3 Women), 157 of 6 (24 Mixed and 3 Women) and 40 of 8 (2 Women and 7 Mixed), means 130 Women.
- 61 foreigners teams (231 riders): United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italia, Spain, Norway, Norway, Brazil, Luxembourg, Belgium, United States, Sweden, Germany, Denmark and Turkey.
- Bugatti Circuit: 4185 meters - Uphill: 600 meters from 3, 5 % à 7 % - Downhill: 1000 meters on 2 %

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