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Le Mans 24h Cycling Race 22. bis 23. August 2015

Die siebente Auflage des 24-Stundenrennens am legendären Bugatti Circuit lockt heuer mit einer großen Pasta-Party am Freitag. Die Anmeldung ist noch bis 20. Juli möglich.

24h-Race für Solofahrer, 2er-, 4er-, 6er- oder 8er-Teams auf 4,2 km Rundkurs

24h-Race für Solofahrer, 2er-, 4er-, 6er- oder 8er-Teams auf 4,2 km Rundkurs


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There are still two and a half months before the 7th edition of the Le Mans 24 Hours Cycling Shimano, but more than 1500 riders are already registered in order to let this cyclosportive enter a little bit more in the legend of the Le Mans 24 Hours circuit. Teams of 2, 4, 6, 8, and solo riders are going to meet up on the 22nd & 23rd of August.

Open to everyone
This relay of 24 hours, which put the participants in an outstanding atmosphere combining competition and enthusiasm is open to everyone. No problem if the legs would fail as teams can manage relays as they wish. Unlike a classic race, bikers are allowed to come back to the pit every time they finish a Bugatti circuit’s lap, which is 2,600 miles long.

Meet some well-known people
The participants will have the occasion to meet some well-known people. The French pilot Laurent Aïello, last one who offered a victory to Porsche at the Le Mans 24 Hours race car in 1998, will take part in the race. From a cyclist family, he recently started to enjoy road biking and he will saddle up in a six friends team: the Aïello Racing Team. We also will find a team composed of French basketball players who are all around 6.5 feet high. It will be a good idea to hide from the wind behind this team composed of Éric Beugnot (212 selections in the French national team between 1975 and 1987), Philippe Haquet (32 selections in the French national team) and Jean-Luc Bernardin (Junior French Champion in 1974 with Roanne and several participations to the 24 Hours Cycling Shimano).

Pasta Party
The friendliness is still the first organizers’ concern. New thing of this year, bikers will be able to meet up around a Pasta Party during the Friday diner, in order to share and exchange anecdotes and last minute piece of advice. For those who wish to attend this calm moment before the week-end hustle and bustle, registrations are open until 20th of July.

La Matinale des 24 Heures Vélo
For non-competitors, the week-end will begin with the traditional morning event called “La Matinale des 24 Heures Vélo”. This one hour ride on the Le Mans circuit allows bike sightseers, old and young, to share a relaxing interlude in a mythical environment, usually dedicated to motored vehicles.

French Cycling Journalist Championship
For the first time this year, a French Champion jersey approved by the French Cycling Federation, will be offered to the winner of the 51st French Cycling Journalist Championship. This race will take place during the Grand Prix Bugatti, the 2 hours individual race of the Saturday morning.

to the Le Mans 24 Hours Cycling Shimano are open until 20th of July on: www.24heuresvelo.fr.

Presentation video
Watch here the 2015 video trailer: vimeo.com/111188200

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