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GF Felice Gimondi - Emanuele Negrini siegt

4.500 Athleten waren bei der 13. Ausgabe des Klassikers in Bergamo am Start, 3 Strecken standen zur Auswahl. Bei den Damen feierte Monica Bandini ihren siebenten Sieg.

GF Felice Gimondi - Emanuele Negrini siegt


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About the male “granfondo” route, the Viner and the Salieri teams have dictated terms. Soon afterwards the start, Giovanni Moschiano (Viner) and Maurizio Frigo (Salieri) have imposed a fast rhythm. 25 kilometers before the finish line, the two cyclists have been reached by Giovanni Maiello (Viner), Sergio Barbero (Viner), Antonio Corradini (Salieri), Emanuele Negrini (Salieri) and Alexander Bazhenov. An attempt to sprint by Negrini has been cancelled five kilometers before the finish line by Bazhenov-Maiello: since the latter was really tired, Negrini and the Russian cyclist have been rivals for the final success. A sprint few meters before the finish has let “Negro” to win in 4:42:38. Disqualified Bazhenov for having started from the wrong grid, second place for Maiello (4:44:11), before his team-mate Barbero (4:44:25).

A striking Monica Bandini has put her opponents to rout and, after a lone race, has conquered her seventh consecutive success at the Gran Fondo Internazionale Felice Gimondi in 5:03:16. On the podium with her, Barbara Lancioni (5:06:06) who slows her excellent beginning of season and has to be satisfied with her second place. Third place for Maria Cristina Prati, Cicli Mattoni team (5:25:17).

Sprints and counter-sprints have characterized the male “medio” route. Mario Avogadri (Rotavo), Roberto Cunico (Viner), Enrico Saccomanni (Gianluca Faenza) and Giuseppe Corsello (Salieri) have fighted along the 134.5 kilometres of this route. An exciting challenge won by Saccomanni (3:37:46), before Cunico (3:37:47) and Corsello (3:37:48).

New record for the female “medio” route, set up by Melissa Merloni (Salieri) first in 3:42:09. The distances from her opponents express all her value: 4 minutes from the second cyclist, Ilaria Lombardo (3:46:09), and 13 minutes from Valentina Patrini, third in 3:55:22.

The final sprint has decreed the winner of the male “corto” route (95.7 kilometers). After a sprint at the beginning, Giovanni Spatti (Boario) has won the race in 2:26:41, before Andrea Vassalli (Orobie Cup) and Giorgio Federici (Giuliano Barcella). About the women race, on the highest step of the podium Simona Mazzucotelli (2:41:14), second place for Anna Maria Zana (2:44:11), third for Natalina Facchi (2:54:22).

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