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Granfondo Felice Gimondi 4. Mai 2014

Nach einem Jahr Auszeit kehrt der Klassiker mit der 18. Ausgabe wieder zurück. Start und Ziel der drei Strecken ist in Bergamo - die Anmeldung ist bereits geöffnet.

3 Routen in den Bergamasker Alpen - Teilnehmer können sich bis zur letzten Sekunde entscheiden

3 Routen in den Bergamasker Alpen - Teilnehmer können sich bis zur letzten Sekunde entscheiden

In spite of an off-year, the Gran Fondo Felice Gimondi-Bianchi – to be held on 4th of May on Bergamo province’s roads – didn’t lose a bit of its popularity and enthusiasm. As soon as G.M. Sport organizers officialized the race’s return with the 18th edition, unveiling the race courses, riders from Italy and abroad, bike tourists and cycling lovers crowded the official web site and social media showing their outstanding passion for the event.

For 2014, the Gran Fondo Felice Gimondi - Bianchi maintained its three classic routes:

Short (89,4 Km, 1400 mt elevation gain): as the race moves from Bergamo (Via Marzabotto), the riders will face back-to-back climbs to Colle dei Pasta, Colle del Gallo and Selvino (with 33 km to go) on their way.

Medium (128,8 Km, 2100 mt elevation gain): it follows the same way of the short course until the riders reach Ambria (Km 71), where rather than heading back to Bergamo, they will tackle Costa d’Olda categorized climb and the Forcella di Bura ascent, the final launching pad towards the finish.

Long (162,1Km, 3050 mt elevation gain): The long route follows the medium one for 111 km, but then it will come the time of the Forcella di Berbenno climb, followed by Costa Valle Imagna, the final peak of the day and the highest point of it all - at an altitude of 1036 mt. The last 28 Km present downhill and flat ground up to the finish line placed in Bergamo’s via Marzabotto.

A unique characteristic of GF Felice Gimondi-Bianchi, participants will not have to decide their route until the last second: the setup of the routes and the location of time checks makes it possible for the riders to register right away and take their time to evaluate which route they will eventually choose.

Registrations can be filed through the online application by credit card, otherwise by bank transfer, postal bulletin or directly to the organization headquarter in Bergamo (Via G. Da Campione, 24/c).

2014 Gran Fondo celebrates the “maglia azzurra” Felice Gimondi dressed to win Barcelona ’73 World Championships, whose replica will be available for all participants who want a special souvenir to take back home.

The event’s organizers also made 50 premium “Solidarity registrations” available for 250 euro each, whose revenue (membership fee deducted) will be donated in favour of “Adotta un Asilo” (adopt a kindergarten), a project supported by “My Name Is Help” NPO.

Those choosing the “Solidarity registration” will earn a start in the VIP-gread and the special wool shirt (short sleeves) “Azzurra Italia – 1973 Barcelona World Championships” signed by Felice Gimondi. The package can be purchased until 19th April 2014 upon availability.

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