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Pearl Izumi 24H Cycling of Le Mans: victory of the S1neo Team Connect

A new attendance record has been established for the 9th edition of the Pearl Izumi 24 Hours Cycling of Le Mans. The 26th and 27st August, 2155 riders accepted the challenge to ride for 24 hours.

Bugatti Circuit 4185 meters / 2,6 miles long - “Le Mans Type” start (Foto: 24h Le Mans)

Bugatti Circuit 4185 meters / 2,6 miles long - “Le Mans Type” start (Foto: 24h Le Mans)

The track cyclist François Pervis gave the “Le Mans Type” start to 495 teams from around twenty different nations, after having climbed the straight line of the track, dressed in his world champion jersey, a highlight of this weekend.

Julien Guay winner in the sprint and the third victory of the S1neo Team Connect
The suspense remained until the last lap. The victory was decided in the sprint and it was finally the S1neo Team Connect who won. The team from Angers achieved the triple after their titles in 2015 and 2016, defeated the teams Socopa 1 and L'oiseau Bleu-Shtp, and beat the record of distance travelled with 1021 km (244 laps against 240 in 2015). "This is the most beautiful of our three victories, because we had to fight until the end. To make the difference of the team Socopa 1, we made a change of riders during the last lap. Our objective: to allow François Pervis to take Julien Guay to the sprint!” commented Johanny Delmas, manager of S1neo, impressed.

New lap record
The race best lap record was beaten during the first hours of the race. Detained since 2011 by the Latvian Martin Trautmanis in 5min.14sec, Dany Maffeïs (Socopa 1) covered a lap in 5min.11sec with an impressive speed of 48 km/h.

Single riders
Evens Stievenart wins in the single rider category with 950 kilometres (227 laps) and a 43rd place at the general ranking. He thus improves the previous record in this category achieved in 2014 with 920km. Victim of a discomfort at the arrival and overwhelmed by the emotion; he declared "I went over my limits". This did not prevent him from thinking about to come back in 2018 ... but this time with a team. In the women category, the Englishwoman Gina Cleere finishes with 531 kilometres covered (127 laps). She finished 439th at the general ranking.

Female power
The first 100% female team, TCJ, finishes 296th at the general ranking with 761 kilometers (182 laps). The team composed of six Armenian women covered 577 km, but the satisfaction is somewhere else, comments the basketball player, Éric Beugnot, initiator of the project: "The girls had never cycled before April. At the end of her first relay, the girl laid down her bike and threw herself in my arms and the rest of the team joined us. It is the result of a path full of pitfalls for our association, whose goal is the promotion of the cycling practice."

Full results

Time table: The 2018 Pearl Izumi 24 Hours Cycling will take place the 25th and 26th of August and the registration process will start around mid-November. A tenth edition that could hold some surprises...

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