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Malevil Cup 2017 - MTB Marathon voller Rekorde

Die 18. Ausgabe des zur Bike24 MarathonMan Europe Serie zählenden UCI Marathon World Series Rennens im Lausitzer Gebirge nördlich von Prag gewannen der Italiener Johnny Cattaneo und Johana Kolašínová aus der Tschechischen Republik.

Zahlreiche Spitzenfahrer der MTB Marathonszene waren in Jablonne am Start (Bild: Miloš Lubas)

Zahlreiche Spitzenfahrer der MTB Marathonszene waren in Jablonne am Start (Bild: Miloš Lubas)

The 18th birthday of the only Czech race belonging to the international UCI series was more than successful with almost 1300 bikers from 13 countries. The triumph in the elite category was claimed by Johana Kolašínová (CZE, Superior Girls) and Johnny Cattaneo (ITA, Wilier Force Squadra Corse). The best Czech biker was Marek Rauchfuss (Kellys Bike Ranch) at the third position.

Even the weather was in favor of the race, a bit of rain during the night before settled down the dust and prepared perfect conditions for the race.

“Race comparable to the World Championship, very nice, I will be happy to come back,” said Massimo Debertolis (finishing at 11th position), one of the most experienced bikers from the peloton of Malevil Cup. The peloton was remarkable for the Czech races: 64 bikers gathered in the elite category to compete in a thrilling race.  

The race tempo was fierce from the very beginning, the leading group of 17 favorites significantly exceeding the expected average speed of 25 km/h. The group split at the first third of the race and at the food zone in Petrovice at the 38 km mark the race had five leaders: Longo, Rohrbach, Cattaneo, Stošek and Rauchfuss. “We rode in a large group, everybody was keeping pace at the beginning. The guys started the race in a brutal tempo, so after some time the group split up. It was just six of us at the lead, but Honza Strož had a dangerous fall and did not finish,” said Marek Rauchfuss (Kellys Bike Ranch). Strož suffered lacerations and needed medical care.

The leading group of five split soon enough - Tony Longo (ITA, Wilier Force Squadra Corse) took the initiative and divided the Czech bikers from the foreign favorites. Unfortunately he suffered a crisis and the race was over for him. In the middle of the race the leading positions were taken by Rohrbach from Switzerland and Cattaneo from Italy, with Marek Rauchfuss and Martin Stošek (both Czech Republic) following.

Nicola Rohrbach won the speed competition in the German Oybin, but the mountain competition at the highest peak of the race was won by Johnny Cattaneo. As it already happened many times at Malevil Cup, the ascent to the Hvozd mountain at 750 metres was the place that decided the winner of the whole race. Rohrbach was trying to chase the Italian biker but with no success. Cattaneo grabbed the victory at Malevil Cup with the record time 3:43:34, beating the current record of Jaroslav Kulhavý from 2014 by only 10 seconds.

Johnny Cattaneo - And this is how Tony Longo ended
“It was a very fast race, I really liked the technical route. Everything was perfect for me today - weather, route, form,” said the Italian winner. “The competition here was really strong, to be honest I didn’t believe that I could win before the race, but it became apparent in the middle of the race, I felt great. I tried to attack 15 km before the finish and it worked,” rejoiced Cattaneo (36). But not for long, shortly after the race he was transported to the hospital in Liberec due to strong back pain, allegedly renal colic.

The Silver medal belongs to Rohrbach (30). “Great race, entertaining technical route,” said Nicola. “I had an issue on the way to the Hvozd mountain and Johnny took the lead. I almost caught him at the next ascent but I lost him again. Johnny rode very well there.”

The fight for the bronze medal was dramatic, Marek Rauchfuss and Martin Stošek (Symbio+ BMC) were riding together for many kilometers. It was Rauchfuss who had more energy in the final kilometers. Stošek, instead, lost his energy and finished in 7th place. “It was good for three and a half hours but then I felt totally exhausted. Three guys overtook me at the last 5 kilometers. I have never ridden an 100 km race though, so it was a good experience for me,” said Stošek.

Marek Rauchfuss/Matouš Ulman 
Marek Rauchfuss showed his great form. After winning in Most, CZ, last week, he asked for a chance to represent the Czech Republic at the XCM World Championship. “I hope so! We will see, I haven’t spoken to anyone about it so far,” said Marek. “For me it’s definitely the best result of the season, thanks to the competition here. Before the race I was hoping to finish in the top five, I was surprised that many people are missing, I was expecting Boudný, Ulman and others.”

Matouš Ulman (Česká spořitelna Accolade) finished in fourth position, after dealing with two crisis' and catching up from the 18th position.

Johana Kolašínová
The victory of Johana Kolašínová (Sup Girls) was a surprise, the last winner Krystyna Konvisarova or Barbora Průdková (Superior MTB) were both expected to fight for the gold medal, but the Czech XCO champion was sick and was not 100% ready for the race. Johana claimed victory after 4:40:43, almost 5 minutes before young Verena Huber (GER, jb Brunex Felt) and Konvisarova.

“Everything fitted me from the beginning, I rode well without any issues. At the 25 kilometer mark I lost Barbora and rode alone. I had no idea where the other girls were, I just hoped that nobody was chasing me. It was a great success, this year wasn’t so good for me so far, I hope it’s getting better. I hope I will have the chance to go to the World Championship, I would be very glad,” said Johana after finishing the race.

Silver medal was a surprise for Verena (22). “It was very hard, I didn’t expect to succeed here, The route was very difficult, especially the descents, I didn’t feel comfortable there, I prefer ascents.”

The winners of the shorter route of 65 km are Lucie Hamanová (Kellys Bike Ranch) and Vít Řehák (Cyklohelios).

Official results

The last word and a big thanks goes to Radek Patrák and the organizers of the race for the perfect preparation.

See you at the Malevil Cup 2018!

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