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2013 Le Mans 24 Hours Cycling

Last 24 and 25 August, the Le Mans 24 Hours Cycling 5th edition took place on the Bugatti Circuit. Winning strategy for the team Mondovélo lead by Samuel Plouhinec.

2013: 1943 riders registered (429 teams) - Foto: Arnaud Despelchain

2013: 1943 riders registered (429 teams) - Foto: Arnaud Despelchain


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1943 riders came from about 20 countries to challenge after the typical “Le Mans style” start given by Stephen Roche. The Irish champion, whose team finished at the 77th position (870km) said: “I didn’t expect such big event, the venue is grandiose and the atmosphere really friendly”.

The cool weather and some little clouds didn’t affect riders moral. During the traditional briefing, given in the grandstand above the pits, referees reminded security rules on the track, but also in the pits, where the speed is limited (20km/h max)…. as for the 24 Hours car race.

Regarding sport, 8 teams quickly make the difference in the first hours, among them the favourite team Mondovelo Plouhinec (shirt n° 749), but also S1NEO Garuda lead by François Pervis track world champion (shirt n°758). The race changed around 11:00 pm, when Samuel Plouhinec took his first relay. Helped by Laurent Brochard, he took one lap on his last pursuers, teams Halgand (shirt n°521) of the former-pro Patrice Halgand and Schrader-Pica (shirt n°520), lead by the moto endurance champion Vincent Philippe. They will finish respectively at the 2nd and 3rd place in sprint.

Team Mondovelo Plouhinec registered in the last days in 6 riders category, after a first participation in 2012 with a team of 4. It is a first in the race history, usually won by teams of 4. To meditate in the future…the last two riders, less tired, took the advantage on their challengers who were starting their second relay.

The winner’s team was composed with Pierre Lebreton, Romain Lebreton, Médéric Clain, Franck Laffaire and Alexis Carlin. They ride 232 laps and more than 970 km during 24 Hours. The best lap was realized by Samuel Plouhinec in 5’23, few minutes before the race end.

Nicolas Bazile, licenced in Le Mans Sarthe Velo Club, outclassed other rider in « solo men » category with 196 laps (820km) and the 146th place in general ranking. In women category, the British Jasmin Muller stand out with 161 laps (663km) and 336th in general ranking. The first team 100% women, “Miss 27”, is ranked in 277th in general ranking with 175 laps (732km). It was the first podium for this nice friends teams, used to come in Le Mans. It is a really good result as far as last year they couldn’t participate due to the sickness of one of them.

Tired but satisfied by the accomplished work, most of riders promised to come back in 2014 when leaving the famous Le Mans race track.

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