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 Salzkammergut Trophy

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Salzkammergut Trophy

Pearl Izumi 24 Hours Cycling of Le Mans: Roger Legeay will start the race for the 10 years

The audience will be there for the 10th anniversary of the Pearl Izumi 24 Hours Cycling of Le Mans and the maximum of 520 teams has been reached long before the regular closing date of registrations. 2464 riders from 11 nationalities will rush forward the Le Mans circuit on Saturday 25th of August at 3.00 pm.

Bugatti Circuit 4185 meters / 2,6 miles long (Foto: 24h Le Mans)

Bugatti Circuit 4185 meters / 2,6 miles long (Foto: 24h Le Mans)

Nearly 70 riders will face up to the « Dunlop uphill » solitary, but the majority will be divided into teams of 2 to 8 members. From experienced cyclists to Sunday sportsmen, everyone will come to live at his own pace his “24 Hours of Le Mans… by bike” in a joyous and relaxed atmosphere.

Professional cyclist from 1973 to 1982 including seven Tour de France, then sports manager of Peugeot, Z, Gan and Crédit Agricole teams, Roger Legeay will start the race. “It could not be some other way!”, cheerfully comments Romain Gasnal for the organisation. Race’s Godfather and technical advisor since the first hour, he will take the start for the 10th consecutive year for the riders’ safety militant movement, “Je double – Je m’écarte de 1,50m”.

Beaten in the sprint in 2017, all eyes will be turned on the Socopa Viandes 1 formation for the overall victory.
Used to the Top 10, Socopa will participate with three teams including one driven by Dany Maffeïs. The CC Nogent-sur-Oise rider won fame by doing the absolute best lap of the Bugatti circuit in 5 minutes and 11 seconds, at more than 29 miles/h.
We will also count on the Sarto Endurance Team, 9th in 2017 for Baum Cycles. This Dutch formation might be a serious candidate for the podium. At the end of July, the team finished 2nd of the Rad am Ring, the 24 hours race that takes place on the german Nürburgring circuit.

Many personalities will be present such as Sandy Casar. Professional cyclist from 1999 to 2013 for La Française des Jeux team, he will race for the pleasure to discover the Le Mans circuit with the french National Police team. Tony Hurel and Julien Guay will race in a team of 4 riders for Roadborn. They come as friends and for fun but they remain real competitors… watch this space!

For the non-competitors and families, do not miss the morning event “La Matinale Le Maine Libre”. More than 1500 people are expected to discover the Bugatti circuit during this one hour ride. This cyclo-tourist gathering is open to everyone with every kind of bikes. The access is free for accompanied children under 10.

Spectators will have free accesses to the venue and exhibitions proposed in the Village. Dedicated areas will be set up for them on each side of the Dunlop, the perfect place to enjoy the race start or the Championnat de France des Clubs de la Défense. All the ingredients will be gathered to have a great day with the family.

The 2018 video trailer

The Pearl Izumi 24 Hours Cycling 2018
- Information: www.24heuresvelo.fr/en/
- Video: www.24heuresvelo.fr/?videos=24-heures-velo-pearl-izumi-2018
- 2018: 2464 registered riders
- 520 registered teams: 68 singles (5 women), 42 pairs (5 mixes), 135 teams of 4 riders, 215 teams of 6 riders (25 mixes and 2 women) and 60 teams of 8 riders (11 mixes and 1 woman)
- 31 international teams (118 riders): Germany, Australia, Belgium, Cyprus, Scotland, United Arab Emirates, United States, Italy, Netherlands and United Kingdom.
- Bugatti circuit: 2.600 miles – Uphill: 656 yd. from 3,5 % to 7 % - Downhill : 1094 yd. at 2 %
- La Matinale Le Maine Libre: One hour bike ride from 12.15 pm to 13.15 pm on Saturday – Registration on site: 10 €
- Visitors: Access to the circuit by the main entrance “Circuit des 24 Heures" - Free entrance and parking at disposal
- Championnat de France des Clubs de la Défense: On Saturday from 8.00 am to 10.00 am – Information on www.ligueouest-fcd.fr/

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