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Salzkammergut Trophy

SKODA 24 Hours Cycling Le Mans: One-two for the S1neo Team Connect

The 14th edition of the Škoda 24 Hours Cycling took place on 26/27 August 2023 on the Le Mans circuit. Over 3.000 participants (639 teams - 15 nationalities) started in the categories Solo, Duo or teams of 4, 6 and 8 riders.

3.012 riders registered in 639 teams on the Bugatti circuit (Fotos: Le Mans 24h)

3.012 riders registered in 639 teams on the Bugatti circuit (Fotos: Le Mans 24h)

This year’s event was marked by rain, which invited itself to the start given by Nicolas Edet, and by the neutralization of the race 26 minutes later. There was no crash during this period, but race referees preferred to send back to the pits the 600 or so riders to allow water to drain away. A new start was given 30 minutes later under the "safety car", in order to get the riders back on track in the best conditions for these two clock laps.

For the overall victory, S1neo Team Connect finally claimed the one-two (238 laps or 996km) and a fourth title under its belt: 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2023. After taking a one-lap lead early in the evening, effective teamwork enabled the leader to help S1neo Team Connect 2 to secure its 2nd position. Third place went to Team Jop 76 after a sprint with UC Envermeu 1 and Shake a good ride.

The Macif 4 team of Séverine Guérif and Nathalie Mauclair won the women's ranking (206 laps or 862km) and finished 137th overall.

In the solo category, Sébastien Botte won with 210 laps (878km and 105th overall) and Camille Archambault in the women's category with 117 laps (489km and 599th overall).

Full results

The Škoda 24 Hours Cycling 2024 will take place on 24/25 August and registration will open in January.

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